Wish list – IFA 2011 gadgets

Cutting edge tablets, TVs smarter than a laptop and phones from the future – IFA will have it all this September

Samsung Galaxy Q

The rumour mill has churned out word of a Samsung tablet/phone somewhere between the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S II that will be unveiled at IFA. The 5.3in handset may have call functions like the 7in Tab and will almost definitely sport the S II Super AMOLED display. We’ll be there to get you the details when it lands.

New LG television

LG will definitely be showing off its new flagship TV – the LW980S. Until we get a hands-on we’ll have to settle for LG’s claims that it will have Cinema 3D technology, Smart TV and a Nano Full LED display, all of which are cutting edge. We’ll be risking said cuts at IFA with a close-up touch and feel to let you know just how good it really is.

Toshiba glasses free

Someone’s got to pioneer glasses free and since Toshiba – other than creating the IS12T – isn’t doing much else and already has autostereoscopic prototypes, we’re expecting a nice big 3D-Auto TV. But will it finally bring 3D into the mainstream?

Sony S1 and S2 tablets

It’s all going to be about the 9.4in S1 and dual-screen S2 tablets that have been all over the web of late. We’re expecting 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G versions for each of the Honeycomb pads and, hopefully, SD expansion. Is it too much to hope for PlayStation Vita games and autostereoscopic 3D screens, too? Yeah, thought so...

Philips tablet

Apart from their confirmed 21:9 3DTV, we’re hoping for a tablet from Philips. A 21:9 slate might be impractical, but an Ambilight bezel could happen. Couldn't it?