Wish List – Apple iCloud music streaming service

Here are the things you'd get from Apple’s upcoming cloud-music service if it was made by Stuff

Apple's worldwide dev conference (WWDC) on June 6 is a mere few days away and we for one will be relieved when all of the rumours and speculation are put to rest. For once, though, the company has told us that it'll be bringing its iCloud service into the light of day. Here's what we're hoping for...

Support for our entire music collection

Disturbing rumours circulating the interwebs reckon only music bought on iTunes will be streamed from Apple’s servers in iCloud, rendering large chunks of our pre-digital (and post) libraries obsolete. Please, Apple, share the love.

Multiple user support

Network sharing is one of things we love about iTunes. So why change when it goes cloudwards? Even a family account with support for up to four people would do. The ability to stream to multiple devices at once is pretty much a requisite. Imagine leaving your home system on and not being able to plug in your headphones on the train.

Free monthly quota

The ability to stream a set amount of free music a month would be a welcome addition to the service. Something along the lines of Spotify’s 10 hours a month may be a bit too hopeful, but this is a wish list after all, so why not?

Radio streaming

A radio streaming service would be a great way to discover new music and custom playlists for different genres would be a welcome bonus. A one-click button to buy any tracks you like would also keep Apple happy. Win-win.

Easy on the wallet

We’d of course love it if the new service was subscription-free, but that’s about as likely as an iPhone 5 running Windows Phone 7. At the very least we would expect competitive pricing, perhaps with different tiers depending on how heavy use will be. Subscribers to Apple’s MobileMe service should hopefully be treated to iCloud for free.