WipEout arrives on Android

Gamers rejoice. WipEout lands on Android. Tough luck if you're not an Xperia Play owner, though

Sony has gone and brought its extreme future-sports title WipEout to PlayStation-certified smartphones – news that will no doubt be met with enthusiastic air punches and giddy squeals of joy from gaming nuts. Seeing as there's only one PlayStation phone knocking about, though, it'll be Xperia Play owners only who get to indulge in the flashing, explosive world of destructive 3D hoverships of 2052 and the mind-tripping tones of its electronica soundtrack. It's the same game you played back in the '90s, only now it'll set you back £3.99 and you get to play it on a smartphone as opposed to bashing the buttons on a PSone controller. Try not to get bummed out if you don't have Sony Ericsson's game-centric handset, though.


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