Winter style – who’s your style icon of 2012?

Who’s been setting the hover catwalk on fire in 2012? We’ve drawn up a list of the most dashing tech advocates of the year

Pulling off the tricky balancing act of being stylish without impacting on their geek cred, these five are an inspiration to any well-turned out techhead. Vote for your favourite here for a chance to win a Motorola RAZR i...

Matt Smith

The youngest actor ever to pull on the tweed jacket of the Doctor, Matt Smith has managed what many thought was impossible in matching David Tennant for popularity – though stunts like joining Orbital on stage at Glastonbury to perform a remix of the Doctor Who theme tune probably helped. Outside of the Tardis, Smith has dated the stunning Daisy Lowe, and is rarely seen dressed anything less than impeccably. He’s a Blackburn Rovers fan but, hey, nobody’s perfect.

Felicia Day

When it comes to geeky credentials, it’s hard to better Felicia Day. After appearing as Vi in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she created, wrote and starred in The Guild, an award-winning web series based on her experiences as an online gamer, and now in its sixth season. Oh, and she’s also the star of the fantastic Joss Whedon-directed Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. So yes, Day’s email inbox likely needs a spam filter just for marriage proposals.

Ben Whishaw

Despite having shone in roles as perfume-obsessed murderers, ode-penning poets, alcoholic aristos and, er, Bob Dylan, the waifish Whishaw has really come to the fore recently in his role as gadget-dispensing Q in James Bond’s latest outing, Skyfall. Q’s nerdy-yet-sharp dress sense and thick sweep of black hair are sure to inspire many a skinny lad in the next year.

Lewis Hamilton

Fresh-faced Lewis Hamilton could be the boy next door – yet every week he swans around the world pushing priceless Formula One cars to their limits before stepping out with Nicole Scherzinger on his arm. We doubt your next-door neighbour does that. Despite the superstar girlfriend, world championship medal and millions in the bank, Hamilton gives the impression of keeping his feet on the ground – and that’s style we can appreciate.

Brian Cox

Prof Cox’s youthful looks and well-conditioned locks have ensured his place as a housewives’ favourite, but it’s the way he combines that easy going, approachable style with an encyclopaedic knowledge of astrophysics that makes him so popular with the inquisitive TV viewer. Oh, and the fact that he was the keyboard player with ‘90s popsters D:Ream doesn’t hurt either.

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