Winter style – hats

A warm noggin is a happy noggin. These winter hats will keep your bonce sheltered from the winter elements

"You lose 90 per cent of body heat through your head" may be a load of old hogwash, but there are few better solutions to the problem of a cold bonce than a good winter hat. Here are six classy noggin warmers to consider.

Icon Brand Joshua Tree


Fred Perry Cable Bobble

Look like a modern day Aztec with this simple rolled-up beanie – and there’s no need to sacrifice anything more than twenty quid to get it.

The North Face Anygrade


Duffer Brummel Bobble

Cable knit isn’t just for big old jumpers, as this bobble-toting beanie from Fred Perry aptly illustrates. Merino and cotton too – so it’ll keep you nice and warm.

Patagonia Sloucher


Berghaus Spila Chunky Knit

This "bolt blue" beanie can be worn loose and baggy or covering up almost all of your dome – an important thing to consider when you’re taking to the slopes.


Logo-demanders will appreciate the prominent branding on this bobble-topped barnet-coverer, and everyone can appreciate the stocking filler price tag.


Patagonia has been tricking out style-conscious trekkers for years, and this hooped, loose-fitting beanie continues the trend.


“Tropical Midnight” is the colour of this heavily textured head-topper from Brit outfit Berghaus, but you’ll be more thankful of it in Baltic conditions.

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