Windows SkyMarket set for official unveiling

After a relatively chilled out performance at CES, Steve Ballmer is set to take to the stage at Mobile World Congress next month to officially unveil

News of the service has been leaked all over the net, following on from plenty of casual rumour mongering at the end of last year. Alongside SkyMarket, Ballmer will also unveil a whole line of 'Sky' services, including SkyBox for over–the–air syncing, reinforcing the Big M's plans to become number one player in cloud computing.

SkyMarket will have its own store on new Windows Mobile devices, which are set to get an upgraded, Zune–like OS, simply called WinMo 6.5. It looks as if we'll have to wait a while for that Zune phone to finally rear its head.

Can Microsoft really match the might of Apple's App store and the soon–to–be–huge Android Market? We'll find out at Mobile World Congress next month. Stay tuned for news as we get it.


Microsoft SkyMarket

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