Windows Phone Web Marketplace offers browser-based app purchases

Windows Phone web-based app store is now open for business

Microsoft has opened the virtual doors to its new look Windows Phone Marketplace, throwing up a new design and the ability to browse and grab your apps directly from your web browser. This means users will no longer have to install the Zune software in order to download apps from their desktop, there's no longer a mobile Marketplace-only restriction and it means Microsft has finally caught up with the likes of Apple and Android's app offerings.

Just log in using your Windows Live account and click on your app of choice to bring up a selection of screenshots and reviews, as well as the ability to make the purchase using your credit card. An app link is then sent to your phone for downloading, eradicating the need to connect your phone to a Mac or PC.

This is no doubt great news for Mac users then, who have until now been unable to purchase apps on their computers as Microsoft has insisted on using the Zune software via a PC.

It's live now, so if you feel like having a big screen browse on Windows Phone Marketplace, you can.


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