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Windows Phone Mango leaked online

Your chance to taste the delights of Mango on your handset has arrived, but be sure to read the instructions carefully

Windows Phone Mango has been leaked online and can live in your handset right now. But there are a few requirements to meet before you can show off your 500 new features and cutting-edge programming skills to all your mates.

First you’ll need to get over to xda-developers to download the 7720 build, which comes with a handy set of instructions. Then you need to be sure you have either a post-NoDo update or Mango beta installed.

It’s been confirmed to work on HD7, Mozart, Trophy, Focus, Arrive, Venue Pro and Optimus 7. How about you act the daredevil and let us know if you can get it working on another handset? Alternatively wait until the official release on 1st September.


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