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Windows Phone 8 quad-core handsets leaked

Forget dual core – a leaked memo points to the possibility of quad core Windows Phone devices in the near future

A memo supposedly from Japanese network DoCoMo has revealed another interesting nugget of information on top of those previously mentioned new Nexus devices. The document mentions a number of quad core Windows Phone 8 devices.

Under Fujitsu Toshiba, a mysterious device it calls the “Arrows X LTE” comes equipped with a quad core Atom processor. Also mentioned is a Windows 8 switching mode (for PC mode) – could this phone be plugged in, Asus Padfone-style, to create a PC-type experience? Not only that, an Arrows Tab also gets a mention, as well as what could be the first dual core Windows Phone.

Adding more fuel to the fire, the document refers to a Sharp quad-core “Windows RT Mobile” – RT is the tablet version of Windows 8.

Sure, we’ll be taking this document with a big pinch of salt for the time being – and the translation makes exact details difficult to come by – but if it’s legitimate, Windows Phone 8 is about to get a serious shot in the arm.

[via Android Noodles]

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