Windows 8 will support tablets with Retina Display-beating resolutions

Didn't think you could get crisper than the new iPad 3's razor sharp screen? Think again

It's no secret that we absolutely love the new Apple iPad 3's 2048x1536 264ppi Retina Display. It blew our eyes away in both our our iPad 3 review and iPad 3 video review, and we just can't get enough of those sweet pixels.

Now our eyes could be in for an even bigger pixel-packing extravaganza as a Windows engineering team blog has revealed that Windows 8 will support 10.1in screens at an iPad-busting 2560x1440 resolution, resulting in a mighty 291ppi resolution (versus the iPad's 264ppi glass).

It's far too early to say which manufacturers will be selling tablets with a 2560x1440 resolution at launch, but it's encouraging to know that Windows 8 has the capability to fulfil the desires of the pixel-hungry masses.

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