Windows 7 – on sale today

It smashed pre-order records at Amazon, has Family Guy on board to help advertise it in the States, and now Windows 7 is out in the shops and availabl

If you've been stuck with Vista for the past few years, you can now upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium edition for £79.99 until the end of December, and £99.99 after.

However if you need to start from from scratch, the full version will set you back £149.99 for Home Premium, £219.99 for Professional and £229.99 for Ultimate.

Of course students can bag the new OS for the bargain price of £30, and a limited number of Family Packs will be available at £149.99 allowing you to install the OS on up to three computers.

We liked the beta, but we want to hear what you think. Has Microsoft repaired all the damage done by Vista with Windows 7?