Windows 7 heading your way in September?

Windows 7 surprised us with its simplicity and all round Vista–bashing goodness at this year's CES. And with the beta version causing such a mas

Taiwanese exec Ray Chen, who works for the company behind the likes of Acer and HP, told Bloomberg that, "...according to current planning, [the release of Windows 7] should be late September or early October."

That would give the Big M the chance to get it into stacks of PCs ahead of the Christmas rush, as well as giving them a chance to slap down Apple's new effort, Snow Leopard, in the process.

We were hugely impressed with Windows 7 and reckon it has the wow factor lacking in the much maligned Vista. Even diehard Mac fans here at Stuff Towers have talked about turning their back on Apple's much–loved OSX.

You can see our hands–on with Windows 7 now. And when you're done, remember to to have a peek at our in–depth review too.


Windows 7

Price: £TBA

On sale: September/October

Contact: Microsoft