Win your own tech company, courtesy of Stuff Launchpad and Google

Got a great idea? Tell us about it and you could win a week at Campus London, being trained by Google's finest in the skills you need to launch your own tech startup company
Stuff Launchpad

Fed up with work? Well, you could always become a lumberjack, as long as you don't mind splinters and have your own axe. Or a beekeeper - it's prickly work, but it takes a few years before you get really sick of honey. Or how about running a tech company? It worked out for Mark Zuckerberg, and Sergey Brin, and Marissa Mayer. Oh, and Bill Gates did OK out of it, too. But how do you get started? Why, on the Stuff Launchpad, seeing as you ask.

We're working with Google to give one Stuff reader the chance to launch their own startup company. All you need to do is send us a brilliant idea, and you could win a week at Campus London, the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. You'll have personal mentoring from Google's experts, you'll meet potential investors and inspirational entrepreneurs, you'll soak up the know-how you'll need to begin your own tech empire. Just promise you won't forget us when you're a billionaire.

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The first stage is simple: in the form below, just sum up your idea in 140 characters, and tell us about yourself in another 140. If you go through to Stage Two you'll need to be available to meet the Stuff Launchpad team on 31 March, and if you win, you'll need to be free to spend 14-18 April at Campus London (winner's travel from mainland UK and accommodation will be provided). Good luck!


Stay tuned to Stuff to see our shortlisted entrants take on a panel of startup experts!