Win a howies T–shirt in our Thursday Tech Tickler

Welcome to the all–new Thursday Tech Tickler, giving you the chance to vote on gadgety matters and, well, win stuff.Every Thursday, we&

Every Thursday, we’ll give you the chance to win a limited edition howies T-shirt of the week. These beauties are only printed for a week, so chances are you won’t spot some bugger wearing your pride and joy.

All you need to do is click your mouse in the right direction and we’ll pick a winner at random.

This week’s awesome tee is Always in Beta. A feeling familiar here at Towers. Slap your eyes on it on this very page.

For our inaugural Tech Tickler, we’re all about phones. Namely, which high–end one are you holding out for?

Do you fancy a 3G iPhone, which we’re told we’ll be seeing in the next 60 days? Maybe LG’s latest Black Label Series, with 5MP, that gets its full unveiling on 24 April?

Or what about the Nokia Tube? With HSDPA, an iPhone beating camera and GPS on–board, is this the phone everyone will be craving next year?

So, which next–gen phone are you after? Vote and grab yourself this snazzy tee.

Remember, if you don’t win this week, then we’ll be here every Thursday with another howies T–shirt of the week to give away in our Thursday Tech Tickler.