Will Johnston's guide to taking medal-winning photos

Sports photographer Will Johnston teaches us how to take Olympic-standard snaps

The Olympics is the perfect time to put that camera to use. And who better to ask for advice than professional sports photographer Will Johnston? Johnston has frequently landed his snaps in British national newspapers and various sports publications, and he kindly gave us five top tips to getting our own perfect pictures. You can visit his site at

Keep it steady

“Photographing sport can be tricky because your subject is usually moving at speed, so make sure you keep your camera steady. Bumping up the shutter speed and ISO can help freeze your subject.” 

Don’t stop

“Things change in the blink of an eye, so keep looking through your camera and carry on shooting. Don’t stop to review your images until the action is over or you might miss something. Just delete shots you don’t want.”

Try something different

“Don’t just focus on one thing. There’s so much going on and it’s not all right in front of you. Shoot from different angles and heights, and pay attention to what might appear less important. Fan shots can be just as interesting.”

Zoom in and don’t use flash!

You probably won’t be allowed to use flash inside the Olympics venues anyway, as it can distract competitors and because you’ll probably be a distance away it won’t have the desired impact, so turn it off and concentrate on the action. Zooming in as far as possible can help you get in the thick of it and really capture one of those special sporting moments

Have fun

These are pictures you might be showing your grandchildren and their children so really try to capture that Olympic atmosphere.

Images credit: Will Johnston

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