Will iPhone run Google?

[intro]There's just a chance that Apple and Google could combine forces to deliver a Windows Mobile-beating smartphone[/intro] There's been some spe

There's been some speculation recently that Apple's not-actually-real-yet iPhone music mobile may be joined by a more powerful smartphone brother by the end of 2007. Well, to add to this heap of speculation and supposition, how about this fantasy scenario: Apple's iPhone becomes a touch-screen pocket computer that acts as a 'thin client', i.e. holds little processing power itself but runs applications through a web browser.

And not just any applications. What started me off on this train of thought was learning that Google had added Jotspot to its list of acquisitions. Jotspot is the a brilliant wiki-based application that we use to organise ourselves here at Stuff - it has noticeboards for announcements, calendars for holidays, spreadsheets for creating colourful art.

Pretty much everything you'd want from information-sharing software, really. Except a decent, collaborative word processor. Which, of course, Google already has in the shape of Google Docs (which is what I'm using to write this).

What's that got to do with the iPhone? Well, back in August 2006, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt joined Apple's board of directors. Imagine if he allowed Google's world-leading series of web applications to be integrated into Apple's smartphone? It could be a Windows Mobile killer.

And there's more. Google has been in talks about supplyling video content for Apple's iTV video streaming box. The search giant, of course, owns both You Tube and Google video, which means it already has a decent amount of content to share. Add the ability to stream video direct from an iSmartPhone and... well, we're getting close to gadget perfection, aren't we?