Will the iPhone 5 be the iPhone 4GS?

The emergence of what’s said to be the iPhone 5’s motherboard could herald the arrival of a 4G edition of Apple’s new phone

If the word ‘motherboard’ makes your eyes roll, bear with us. The latest iPhone 5 leak is just that – but it comes with a few tasty clues about what we can expect in Apple’s forthcoming handset.

Chiefly, the component has extra antenna connections, suggesting the iPhone 5 could be the first iPhone with 4G LTE connectivity. Or will Apple simply call it the iPhone 4G (or 4GS) in line with its naming strategy for earlier handsets?

9to5 Mac, which dug out the pictures from the WeiPhone forum (from a user who posted pics of the iPhone 4S’s motherboard ahead of release), sent its find to the iPhone experts at iDeviceGuys, who confirmed a smaller SIM slot, suitable for the expected Nano SIM.

Other observations include a new screen digitiser (hinting at a new display standard) and a new battery connector, though there’s no sign of the CPU, so we won’t know more about the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4GS’s) new crunching skills until next month. Not long now

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