Will Apple's new MacBook Brick cost less than £500?

Apple laptops have always occupied the high end of the market, but a new report suggests that might change. Accordinig to a report on The Inquisitr, p

Accordinig to a report on The Inquisitr, pricelists have started circulating among US retailers that suggest the new MacBook range - dubbed the Brick due to rumoured one-block fabrication - will have 12 price points ranging from US$800 (£400) to US$3100 (£1600). Add VAT and rip-off-Britain surcharge and we're looking at a UK entry price of around £500.

Currently the cheapest MacBook is £700. As we head into recession/financial armageddon, it would make sense for Apple to be more competitive with the Dells of this world. After all, if you bought a MacBook-specced (but much less sexy) Dell Inspiron today, you'd pay around £450.

But what of the perceived 'luxury' of the Apple brand? The iPhone is on the way to becoming as ubiqitous as the iPod – if Apple enters the cut-throat world of bargain laptops, it faces the very real danger of diluting its appeal to tech-fetishists (aka snobs) like me.

In truth, the value of the Apple brand comes from quality rather than pricepoint. So let's hope that, if the pricing rumour is true, Apple won't be cutting any corners to hit it.

And that means at least two USB ports on the new MacBooks, Mr Jobs.

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