Will Apple charge for iOS 5?

It’s rumoured to be coming next month, but will the next iOS have a sting in its tail?

We like apple sauce. We’d even go so far as to say we trust it, which is more than we can say for Apple sources – of which there are a few too many these days.

That said, we’ve been sent the above (unconvincing) slide from a source claiming to be “an Apple employee” who says he found it in the system files of a company Mac he borrowed. It ties in with reports from TUAW that a “trusted source” has pinned the date of Apple’s iOS 5 event to the first two weeks of April. The unofficial Apple blog also speculates that there will be news about a change of direction for MobileMe.

More interestingly, and further to our own diggings last year, this could be the first time we see Apple charge for an iOS update. All device owners are guaranteed one upgrade for free, but we’ll be interested to see if – as TUAW also hints – original iPad owners will have to fork out for iOS 5 goodies. Could be sour apples for some…


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