Wikipedia announces Wikivoyage travel guides

TripAdvisor won’t be troubled, but Wiki’s new plan for crowdsourced travel guides could see the end of the road for Lonely Planet

Travel may broaden the mind, but most of us are no longer content to venture into the great unknown while it’s still, well, unknown. That’s how Lonely Planet and Rough Guides have made their names, and also explains the wild success of TripAdvisor.

Sensing that our curiosity for other lands and willingness to pen poison reviews of grotty hotels knows no bounds, Wikipedia has decided to make its move on the space with Wikivoyage, a crowdsourced destination site it hopes will become your first stop online ahead of your IRL travels.

Wikivoyage is being sold as “the free, worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit”, but it’s safe to say that everyone else will refer to the site as Wikipedia for travellers. At the time of writing Wikivoyage had just shy of 27,000 articles, compared to over four million on the parent encyclopaedia. Then again, we imagine there's less to say about places than about absolutely everything else.

Right, we’re off to pen the definitive guide to Bognor Regis. Then Hoth. Oh wait... that's been done.

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