Wikipad Android gaming tablet launching June 11th

7in gaming slate to sell for US$250, with a worldwide launch to follow this summer

Want to take your games on the go? You're in luck – the Wikipad gaming tablet finally has a release date. It's set to drop in North America on June 11th, retailing for US$250, with the tablet rolling out internationally this summer.

Based on the Android platform, the Wikipad packs a 7in 1280x800 16:10 display and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor along with 16GB of internal memory (with a micro SD slot for a further 32GB) and a 2MP front-facing camera.

As well as micro USB and HDMI out connectors, the Wikipad also comes with a gamepad dock, which packs a set of physical controls including thumbsticks and trigger buttons for gaming goodness on the move.

The Wikipad will arrive running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at launch, and is certified for PlayStation Mobile – it'll also play nice with optimised games including Dead Trigger and ShadowGun: Dead Zone.

It's somewhat less impressive than the originally planned 10.1in Wikipad – and there's no mention in the press release of the originally-promised Gaikai cloud gaming support. Hardly surprising, since Gaikai's now owned by Sony, and its tech is underpinning the PS4's PlayStation Cloud service. Still, the Wikipad – like the Ouya console – is evidence that Android's shaping up to be a gaming platform in its own right.