Wii's World Wide Web

[intro]If you're lucky enough to have a Nintendo Wii, you'll be pleased to hear a beta version of the Opera web browser is on the way. I hope it

Not content with being the funnest thing to happen to the planet this year, Nintendo Wii is about to become useful, too. It's all thanks to those multi-platform web gurus at Opera, who have developed an internet browser for the new console - a beta version will be available to download from the Wii Shop on December 22.

Opera has long been the choice of for mobile web surfers - if you don't have the brilliant Opera Mini on your phone, download it for free NOW - but the company made a bit of a mistake with the Nintendo DS browser. Why? Well, the DS simply isn't powerful enough for web browsing: even with an extra memory card, it's all horribly slow - and the DS's lo-res screens only makes the experience worse.

I'm sure the Wii browser will be better – particularly as you'll be able (I hope) to navigate using the motion-sensitive wand. If only the console could output high-defintion…