Wii U outguns its rivals but shuns movie playback

Ninty’s wacky console may be able to outslug the 360 and PS3 – as long as it doesn’t have to play any movies

The Wii U will be 50 per cent more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360 according to analysis feedback from game devsfor the new console. Although Nintendo has yet to confirm the true power of its newest gadget, it would make perfect sense for their latest offering to at least match the power of the current-gen consoles, who may soon be showing their wrinkles in comparison.

While the power under the hood remains to be seen, it has been confirmed that the new console will not play Blu-rays or DVDs, although any gadgeteer worth their weight in microchips should own at least a DVD player by now. With rumours of the Xbox 720 surfacing earlier, the next generation of console wars already looks set to be the bloodiest yet and we can’t wait to watch the mayhem unfold. Again.

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