Wi-Fi watch detects the wireless action

The humble watch has taken on many different features over the years. When we were kids, it was all the rage to have a wrist-mounted super-computer th

Years later and the digital watch is showing signs of maturity. This Wi-Fi Detecting Watch from Think Geek spots any Wi-Fi signals in your vicinity and lets you know.

It’ll rate the local ‘waves on the scale of one to eight, so you’ll know if you need to get closer to your neighbour’s router.

It also tells the time, packs an alarm, a countdown timer, an EL backlight, has a world time zone mode and a calendar. And it’s all held together with a fetching rubber strap.

Now if anyone asks you if you know how strong the local Wi-Fi signal is around here, you can tell them.


Wi-Fi Detecting Watch

Price: $30 (£15)

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Think Geek