Wi–Fi comes to Nikon’s S52c

Can’t wait to share those blurry snaps of you and your mates gurning down the local with the world? Well, sir, step this way, Nikon has a surpri

Their all new snapper S52c compact comes with a hearty dose of Wi–Fi inside, letting you upload your handiwork straight to Flickr or their very own “my Picturetown” site. As long as your feet are planted in a wireless hotspot that is.

The opportunities are endless and mean now you can bore pals back home with holiday snaps without having to find a lappie and login to Facebook. Joys!

Specs–wise, we’re looking at a solid 9MP effort, with 3x optical zoom and optical image stabilisation. Still, with wireless on–board, it’s probably better than your current camera.

And if you’re ever in doubt as to where you can upload your pics, why not grab a Wi–Fi detection T–shirt to aid your cause?


Nikon S52c

Price: £230

On sale: May 16

Contact: Nikon