Why the iPad Mini should be your next tablet

It's not even out yet, but we already think Apple's iPad Mini should be your next tablet. Here's why

Apple is widely expected to 'fess up that it's been beavering away on a small scale replica of its iPad tablet in the extremely near future. When it does, the Apple naysayers will claim that it's a pointless ruse to take everyone's Christmas money. And while we'll agree that Santa's sled is likely to be positively laden with iPad Minis this Yule, we actually think it'll be for all the right reasons. These are them...


Apple iPad Mini – in the car

Driving with an iPad on your dashboard is impractical at best and downright lethal at worst. The much smaller iPad Mini should be a lot easier to mount, making it better for music and navigation on the go. Of course, finding your way anywhere with Apple Maps is a different story altogether.

Apple iPad Mini – for kids

Do you find yourself constantly coming up with ways to keep expensive gadgets out of the ice cream-covered hands of your children? With an expected launch price starting from £250, the iPad Mini is less of a risk to butterfingered small people, as well as being better suited to their tiny hands.

Apple iPad Mini – reading

According to a poll on our Facebook page, over half of you use your iPad for reading. We don't need to tell you, then, that it's a recipe for chronic wristache over a prolonged period. Unless the iPad Mini's been armoured and filled with lead, we'd bank on the smaller tablet being much less of a handful.

Apple iPad Mini – game controller

Mobile games form a big part of the iPad experience but the current slate tablet is a little unwieldy. On-screen buttons can be hard to press with your thumbs and the weight of it can prove tiring over marathon gaming sessions. The iPad Mini would be much more suited to video games and as a controller for an Apple games console, Wii U style. What? It could happen.

Apple iPad Mini – FaceTime video calls

FaceTime calls. Great for staying in touch, but where do you put the iPad? Holding is best, in our experience, and the iPad Mini's trim dimensions will make your video conference a deux a much less cumbersome experience.

Apple iPad Mini – docking

Docking an iPad always seemed, well, a bit strange. It looks out of place on most speaker docks, assuming they even accommodate its generous size. This shouldn't be a problem for the bite-sized iPad Mini, though, which should comfortably adorn all but the smallest accessories.

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