White Leica M9-P to get (very) limited release in June

Turns out a camera that matches your poodle’s fur comes at a price. You’ll need to book a flight first, though

We thought white leather had been abolished at some point in the back end of last century, but it turns out Leica didn’t get the memo. The camera maker is promising a plush snowy edition of its M9-P this June for photographers who don’t like getting their hands dirty.

Like it? Bad luck – there’s not one catch, but three. The white Leica M9-P will be released as a limited run of 50 cameras, is available only in Japan and comes with a fairly startling mark-up on the regular M9-P’s price tag at ¥2,620,000 (just north of £20,000).

If you absolutely must have a white Leica M9-P, then, you’ll be adding a plane ticket to your already bloated camera budget. Still, just think of the picture you’ll be able to take of your bank manager’s face when you get home. Priceless? Let’s hope so.

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