White iPhone 4 hits the UK on April 28 (that’s tomorrow)

“It’s beautiful,” says Apple SVP Phil Schiller. Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

After all the rumouring, there was peace – the white iPhone 4 drifted back into the mists of our imaginations. And then, like a klaxon in library, Apple finally released the pallid edition of its iOS phone out of the blue. If you’ve been holding out for the white iPhone 4 (really? This long?), you will presumably be ecstatic to hear that it’s out tomorrow. Apple senior vice prez Phil Schiller reckons that “it’s beautiful” and that Apple has “worked hard to get every detail right.” Which may explain why it took so long. That or the new multitasking UI. Can't wait until tomorrow? You can always run out today and buy a Samsung Galaxy S II


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