Where's the catch? The future of keyless entry

August Smart Lock does away with keys for good – just whip out your smartphone and slide to unlock

Keys are a pain. Especially when you sit on a bunch of them. Fortunately, August has come to the rescue with its new Smart Lock – a keyless entry system that lets you pick who gets to cross your threshold.

Conjured up by Ouya designer Yves Behar – a man who's all about stripping things back to their essentials – the August Smart Lock uses Bluetooth 4.0 to sync with your smartphone and open up, faster than you can say "Alohomora."

You can also use the August Smart Lock app to send invites to friends and anyone else who needs access to your home – for set amounts of time, if you need to let the plumber in. Each device that's paired with the lock gets an algorithmically generated key.

August's app also features a Guestbook that users can sign and upload photos to – handy for the holiday lets that are likely to be the first to use the Smart Lock.