What's the skinny?

As if its anorexic Exilims haven't already done enough to alienate the nation's portly snappers, Casio has launched its Exilim EX-S500, a camera so slim it's barely three dimensonal

Credit card-sized cameras, right? They're not really credit card-sized are they? Even the S500's waif-like dimensions wouldn't sit easily in any wallet we've come across. Replete with 5-megapixel resolution, 3x optical zoom and a chunky 2.2inch LCD screen, the S500 packs plenty of punch in its lithe, 16.1mm thick chassis.

While it might not slip readily into many wallets, it'll free up a fair bit of space, relieving you, like a high class call girl, of £300 for the pleasure of its company. It's available in silver, white and racy red. Feast your eyes on it here