What’s new in Chrome for Android?

Google’s unleashed a fairly hefty update to its mobile browser. We browse its shiny newness for the best bits

Google’s updated its Chrome for Android browser, and thrown in a batch of goodies that make the update well worthwhile.

It’s added 31 more languages and brought the update to every country where Google Play is available (although it’s worth noting you’ll need an Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich – to get the new version).

And if you’re frustrated by being directed to mobile sites when you want the full-fat original, Chrome for Android now lets you bypass the redirect without using a third-party app, a particular boon for tablet users.

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For navigation, the ‘omnibox’ now takes URLs and search queries, plus the Big G’s made it easier to switch between unlimited stacked tabs. And syncing with your desktop has been made easier, as has making pages available for offline reading.

There’s also a load of customisation tweaks, including the ability to add bookmarks as homescreen icons and choose which apps you’d like to use to open different types of links. Incognito mode has been taken mobile, too.

Naturally, there’s still no Flash support, but what do you expect from the foremost proponent of HTML 5? Oh, and it's still in beta.

To explore the refreshed Chrome for Android, point your Android 4.0 device at Google Play and get browsing.

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