What we want from the iPad 3 launch

Disappointed by the meagre iPad 2 upgrade? You might prefer to wait for something like this...

Now that the dust has settled from the iPad 2 launch, we thought it was high time to rack our brains and decide what we’d like to see from its successor.

A Retina Display screen

The pixel density of the iPhone 4’s screen is a wonder to behold – so dense you can barely notice that there are even pixels there. The same can’t be said of the iPad and iPad 2 screens, so why not up the resolution on the next model? If the res is doubled to 2048 x 1536, everything will look sharp enough to slice carrots – it’s just a question of processing power and battery life being balanced. Not to mention cost. Oh, and let's maybe think about 3D...

More storage

Movies and 3D games mean 64GB of space can quickly be filled up, even with selected stuff being stored in the cloud. So why not offer a 128GB option?

Faster/easier syncing

In a similar vein, adding a Thunderbolt connection to the iPad 3 would allow it to sync in the blink of an eye. Alternatively, why not offer cable-free syncing as an option over a fast Wi-Fi connection?

An SD card slot

As well as adding more storage, an SD card slot would make transferring photos and other files over to the iPad 3 a much easier task – but then Apple wouldn’t sell any camera connection kit adapters. We don’t think think this one is very likely.

Stereo speakers

Despite rumours to the contrary, Apple has kept the iPad 2’s built-in speaker monaural. Some Android tablets now have decent stereo speakers, so why not the iPad? Sometimes we don’t want to wear headphones.

Anything else you might want to see? Let us know below.