What the Stuff team want from the PlayStation 4

With just hours until Sony unveils its first new console in over half a decade, the Stuff staff dissects what we really want to see from the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 launch is happening tonight, right here. We've already made a list of 5 things to expect from the PS4. Now we've had a sit down to decide what we really want. Whether it'll show up or not is another matter entirely.

Luke Edwards – multimedia journalist

Power. Unrelenting power. And maybe Sony can tether user PS4s together again to create a supercomputer for curing cancer. Also on my wish list: a controller that isn’t a Wii Motion (or Wii U GamePad) and launch titles like 1313 and GTA V. Those, and a sub £350 pricetag.

Tom Parsons – reviews editor

I want even more power. I want games to be available for download on day of release for the same price as the boxed copies. I want it to look better than all of those mock-ups that have been doing the rounds. I want the games to be 4K (they won't be). I want the controller to be more comfortable and I want it to have triggers and a touchscreen. I want the link between the PS4 and Vita to allow me to play my PS4 games in bed. I want it to cost less than £300. I want it to have Movies Unlimited as well as Netflix and Lovefilm. Most of all I want it to be released in the UK at the same time as everywhere else and I want that release to be in 2013.

Stephen Graves – online deputy editor

I want a PlayStation 3, but better. So, no waving a glowing stick with a ball on the end to sprinkle pixie dust over the furnishings in my online house. Give me a weightier controller – with actual triggers this time – and a spec boost to deliver next-gen graphics, and I’ll be happy. Though, truth be told, I use my PS3 more as a media hub than a games machine – what has me really excited is next year’s PC title Star Citizen. Roll on the Steam Box!

Esat Dedezade – staff writer

I don't want fancy glowing waggle sticks or motion controller nonsense. I want moar RAM, moar GHzs and moar power. I don't want the empty promises of amazing graphics with unrealistic tech demos. I want to see some actual amazing graphics, with no jaggies or screen tearing or pop-ins. There's nothing worse than trying to envelop yourself in the world of Skyrim before a bunch of trees and bushes suddenly pop into existence. And try to get rid of the ridiculous load times while you're at it. Tom's same-day digital download suggestion is good, so I'm stealing that. Oh and I also want a an online experience that matches that of Xbox Live. But none of this really matters because I'm bound to Halo.

Adam White – sub-editor

I'd like better controllers, non-mandatory system updates, a size that's comparable to a 'slim' console now, and full backwards compatibility. Or just an Xbox 720.

Tom Wiggins – deputy editor

I want the updates to take less time and a controller that isn't designed for tiny little fingers.

Paddy Smith – online editor

I don't want a PS4. At least, I don't think I do. My PS3 retains its place below my TV only as a media centre and Blu-ray player. Not that I doubt the PS4 will have media smarts, but I can't imagine it'll do much the PS3 can't - at least not without plugging into the rest of Sony's world (Unlimited, Xperia, Bravia, etc). Of course, I'm almost always wrong about these things, so I'll probably end up queueing up to buy one on launch day. I'll then play the new MotorStorm title for a week and try to install Linux before putting my new console out to pasture as a media centre that does exactly what my PS3 did. Bah.

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