What is the future of 3D printing?

We chatted with the figureheads in the 3D printing world to get an idea of how the world is about to change

Clément Moreau: Founder, Sculpteo

All products will become customisable

"Big brands will integrate 3D printing into their offering, because it enables them to create a very unique experience for the customer. Take the iPad, for example. The electronics will be manufactured the regular way – but some parts of the object will be 3D printed – for example, the cover, the casing – and can be offered with a lot of diversity."

Michael Weinberg: Vice President of the Institute for Emerging Innovation at Public Knowledge

3D printing will create new ways of distributing products

“Industries will no longer be able to conduct business as usual. They can spend a lot of time and money fighting that change and trying to regulate it out of existence, or they spend the same amount of time and money figuring out how to embrace and make use of that change. I hope that when faced with this opportunity these industries learn something from the hard lessons that the music and movie industries have learned and really try to embrace this change.”


KIDE - design.make.play from kide on Vimeo.


Dejan Mitrovic: Founder, Kide

3D printers will teach kids to make their own toys

"It's about introducing kids to design, and about empowering them to express their creativity. I believe that every kid is creative, they just need to have a tool which allows them to express themselves, and that's exactly what I'm aiming to do with 3D printing."

Limor Schweitzer: Founder, RoboSavvy

3D printing will let you make your own spare parts

“At the moment, 3D printing is really about creativity. In the future, it’ll be printing replacements for broken parts. The missing link is I know nothing about mechanical engineering. Soon, I'll be able to take my phone, I take a picture of the part, and my phone will tell me, “Oh, that’s part CB2792, you can source it from here, it costs £7 – or you can 3D print it, and here is the 3D model, which costs 20p to license for a single unit.”

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