Whale-huggers praise MacBook Air

Taking a break from dodging Japanese harpoons in the Southern Ocean, it seems the folks at Greenpeace have been casting an eye over the MacBook Air.Th

The environmentalists have crossed swords with Apple in the past, criticising the computer-maker for its use of potentially toxic materials. But after they got their hands on an Air, and no doubt cooing over its remarkably thin lines and cool aluminium exterior, they've taken their shoe-sizer to its carbon footprint and give it two (green) thumbs up.

On its US website, Greenpeace says: "As a mercury- and arsenic-free laptop it exceeds European Standards... and raises the bar for the rest of the industry." In other words, it's one clean machine.

We'll guess that frugal five-hour battery life doesn't hurt either when it comes to cutting carbon emissions.

So, save the planet – buy a MacBook Air. Like we needed an excuse.


Apple MacBook Air

Price: £1,200

On sale: January

Contact: Apple