Western Digital officially unveils USB HD TV hub

Now, we're big fans of streaming our movies here at Stuff Towers, But let's face it, setting all your kit up can be a bit of a faff. Which is where We

The concept is about as basic as it gets. Plug it into your TV, grab a USB stick full of hi–def content, stick it in and kick back to whatever movies or TV shows take your fancy. Obviously, most USB sticks don't have space for all the HD flavouring, so WD is pushing their My Passport drives, which rock 500GB, as the ideal way of transferring all your media.

There's room for two drives and you can control all the content via the power of your remote control. And it's not just limited to films – you can bring over photos and music too, with the interface letting you scroll through album covers and artists.

The box supports full 1080p HD. To bring everything over though, you'll need to use the bundled conversion software to make it all play nice. And that surely means that any moody movies you've grabbed illegally won't work at all.

You can get it now for £79.98. Surely it's the ideal way to watch great TV over Christmas and avoid the annual EastEnders bloodbath.


WD TV Media Player

Price: £79.98

On sale: Now

Contact: Western Digital