We're a big competitor in this market – Apple's Joswiak talks iPod gaming

There are over 1,500 games already available for the iPod Touch and iPhoneThat's more than the PSP and DS put together. I think you're going to see a

There are over 1,500 games already available for the iPod Touch and iPhone

That's more than the PSP and DS put together. I think you're going to see a wide variety (of games on the App Store). And they range all the way from casual to big time action games. This is where we are, less than four months into it. Squint your eyes and imagine where we will be in six months time, or a year. The graphics capablity is greater than the DS, we have multitouch, the screen is larger and there's an accelerometer. And we have the App Store. I think it's the future of gaming.

You compare the DSi to the iPod Touch, they've got a long way to go

While we're focusing on what we can do, we think we've got tremendous strengths.  Our graphic capability and our apps too, it's bigger than anyone else has done. All this combined really makes us a big competitor in this market. And don't forget it's an iPod, it can play your music, your films and your games. That's a tremendous strength. We think we'll leave a lot of people scrambling to see how they're going to compete. A lot of our competitors have recognised this and thought 'uh oh'.

Having totally electronic distribution from the App tore makes it very efficient

The distribution itself is a game changer. When you do a thing like cartridges, physical distribution, you have problems. You have to licence it, forecast it, you have returns, there's no ways to update and fix problems easily. It's expensive. Our model's much clearer. You may pay £25 for a cartridge, our games can be £6 or under.

I look at it the iPod Touch as a blank canvas that you paint on whatever you need

And that's so much more powerful than having hard coded buttons that don't always have an intuitive connection to what you're doing. Here where it makes sense to do direct manipulation, you do it, whether that's with the accelerometer or the touchscreen. How many times have you seen people playing a racing game and they're actually steering. There's a natural desire to do that and we can do that with the Touch.

I think if you ask most people, they don't know what Nokia N–Gage is

I think here, again, we're in a situation where in a little over hundred days we've had 200 million downloads from the App Store. We certainly have struck a chord with customers that it's a great way to give their iPhone or iPod Touch so much more functionality, including games.

I think my head is going to explode with all the amazing things with all the developers have done

I couldn't have guessed we'd have had this much this quickly and when I talk to our developers, they're so excited about what they can do with the platform. The tool set it is so rich and they can easily programme for the iPod Touch. They see it as a huge opportunity. That's why big guys like EA want to do it. It's going to be very interesting in a year and way beyond what it is today.

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