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You’ve probably noticed we’ve given a lick of paint. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Here, come and take a look around
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Hopefully you’ll find our new homepage clean-cut and welcoming whether you’re a regular reader or stopping by for the first time. We’ll keep the stuff we think is most important up at the top (in that mosaic-type thing), and you’ll find the latest news and reviews underneath in the Hot Stuff and Tested columns.

Hubs and galleries

We thought it would be nice to have places on the site where like-minded gadgets could hook up. Those brand hubs are supported by product hubs where you can find gadget life stories, reviews and similar tech. We’ve added some new galleries to our reviews so you can have a proper ogle at the latest gadgets.

Video reviews

Our new video channel is now slicker, smoother and shows off our ace video reviews in the style they deserve. You’ll find faster load times and fewer jitters, but don’t worry – we haven’t compromised on quality: our videos look better than ever. Don’t take our word for it. Go and take a look. Want to gets your ears on the Stuff podcast without using iTunes? That’s in the video section, too.

Top 10 of everything

We love our Top 10s. They’re the best at-a-glance gadget comparison guide for phones, cameras, gaming, headphones, hi-fi, home cinema, laptops, sat-nav, TVs and more. We’ve made them easier to find (just a click from the homepage), easier on the eye and we'll be keeping them bang up to date.

Win stuff

Whoever said “You get what you pay for” never went on, where you can get gadgets for nothing. Chance your arm at winning the gadget lottery on our new competitions page. Good luck!

Fun stuff

It’s all fun, isn’t it? Well, yes, but there are a couple of new toys on the site for you to play with. Check out some of the new graphics we’ve got on our reviews and hubs, and have a twiddle on our new Inspir-o-tron gadget chooser. Spend a few moments registering on and it gets even better. Head here to get started.

Bear with us

Nobody’s perfect. Not even us. You might find a few bits and pieces that don’t do what they’re supposed to or just look a bit odd. Please let us know and we’ll try to fix it as soon as we’re able. Meanwhile, if you’ve got comments (good or bad), drop us a line and let us know. For either of these you can use the comments box below or drop us a line at

Don’t let us keep you… go, explore, have fun!