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Welcome to our new blog channel, bringing you the best releases from The Leisure Lab. It's been an eclectic week for discs – we've been mixing mindles

For starters, we’ve been indulging our trigger fingers with the long-awaited Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III, which has justified its delayed Xbox release by including a whole slew of maps and an entire single-player campaign unseen in the PS3 release. Find out what we thought here.

Moving from shoot 'em up to chop 'em up, this week’s movie highlight was The Orphanage – one of the most atmospheric movies we've seen this year.

Luckily, Replica Sun Machine, the second album from The Shortwave Set, produced by Dangermouse, brought us back into the sunshine with its mix of folky vocals and mildly psychedelic electronica. Very nice.

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