The weirdest mobile phones from Japan

In amongst all the awesome future tech that we’ve seen in Japan and Korea, there was also a host of totally hatstand handsets. They might never see th

They might never see the light of day here, but if you want a phone that’s also a streamlined tissue dispenser, or one with a teeny, tiny man living inside, then step right up…

This Samsung prototype is one for the ladies – glowing a lovely UV lavender while charging, as well as “fighting bacteria” apparently. It will also squirt out some lavender scent, though hopefully not straight into your ear.

KDDI has some awesome handsets in its Designing Studio in Tokyo, including these AU Design Concepts, Hitoka, Cypres and Play...

But this has to be my favourite – the Ply Project 2008 combines different devices with different functionality. Mobile projectors, mini printers, touchscreen remotes and even a tissue dispenser all housed is beautifully thin layered, stackable housing. I want.