Weekend rewind: The MET Office's £30m supercomputer, curry smell notifications and Alan Moore talks to Stuff

Here's a freshly roasted cup of tech news to start off your windy week

£30 million can buy you a lot. For the MET office, it bought them an IBM supercomputer which was able to predict this mornings storm four days in advance, thanks to its ability to compute 100 trillion (yes, trillion) calculations a second.

It was tipped off by areas of turbulent weather over the US and Canada and the unusually warm air over Britain which energised something into something else, and... well, created the wind which stopped you from getting into work this morning.  If only it could predict lottery numbers... [Source: Telegraph]


Stuff interviews Watchmen author Alan Moore

We had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with comic legend Alan Moore, author of the Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Shoes, magic, technology (or lack of it) and the internet are all covered. An ideal way to start off a wet and windy week. Read it here.

Forget LEDs. Curry notifications are the future

Ah, Japan. You've done it again. Unsatisfied with vibration and LED notifications, Japanese company Scentee has produced a headphone socket accessory for iOS and Android device which informs you of notifications by releasing different scents. Said smells include coffee, curry, corn soup, cinnamon roll, rose, mint and more. And just in case you've got a blocked nose, yes, it lights up too. [Source: Engadget]

BBM voice and video landing on iOS and Android

Despite BlackBerry's rocky position, its BBM app has rockets to the top of iOS and Android app stores around the world and now users can look forward to making free voice and video calls within the next few months. There's no exact date for the update, but we'll keep you posted as always. [Source: Tech Radar]

Nike+ FuelBand SE gets the hands-on treatment

Nike's refreshed FuelBand gets taken for a spin on camera in Stuffs hands-on video review. Has it got what it takes to fend off the ever-growing fitness gadget competition? Watch our hands-on review to find out. 

PS4 controllers get shipped out early

Some gamers who have pre-ordered the PS4 have already received their PS4 controllers and PS4 camera units, ahead of the consoles launch. We're not sure whether or not we'd prefer to receive them early ourselves. It's a little like receiving a fork while the cake is still weeks away. [Source: Engadget]