Web-connected, iPlayer streaming iViewer TV unveiled

BBC iPlayer has been putting itself around a bit lately, and now it's lent itself to a new TV that'll be the UK's first to stream the Beeb's video on

Cello Electronics' LCD iViewer TV hooks up to your internet connection via Ethernet cable or optional Wifi dongle and gives you access to iPlayer and other internet-based media such as YouTube.

It can also access your home computer so you can access content such as photos and videos through your TV.

The iViewer TV will be available in HD-ready 26-inch and full HD 32-inch models, and will also come packing integrated freeview as well.

Expect to see these TVs on shelves in Marks & Spencers some time this month, with price tags of £399 and £499 respectively.

Head over to the blogs to check out some hands on pics and first impressions of the Cello iViewer TV when we tried it out earlier today.