Waterproof rival for Pure's Oasis

Summer must be coming to an end. Hot on the heels of Pure's waterproof digital radio, trinloc's pulled an autumn-friendly DABber out of its German bag

Good news for clumsy types, park rangers and catalogue models who spend a lot of time on yachts - you've now got another waterproof digital radio to choose from.

It's called the trinloc Sinfonie and is clearly making a direct beeline for Pure's Oasis [story here]. It has a mighty similar design, splash-friendly casing and rechargable battery.

Specs are near identical to Pure's offering. Both have a line-in/line-out and both use a mono speaker. There are three key differences, however - the Sinfonie only has a six hour battery (nine less than the Oasis) but sport an FM tuner and comes in at £100, undercutting its rival by £20.  

You can snag one in November.