Watch movies like a superhero with the Batcave home cinema room

This insane US home theatre installation concept wouldn’t look out of place in Wayne Manor

Bruce Wayne has a pretty neat pad, it has to be said – but even the billionaire behind Batman’s cowl might find this home cinema room a little extravagant.

For its latest “theatre of the month”, US home installation firm Elite Home Theater Seating has shown off this concept (for which it’s providing the seating rather than the whole shebang). Essentially, it’s the Batcave: there’s a bookshelf that slides up to reveal a Batmobile, while a high tech “computer” dominates the back of the room;  there are even stalactites on the ceiling.

We’re not sure Kevin McCloud would appreciate the aesthetic merits of such a project, and we dread to think how much it’ll all cost – but we can’t help but admire the sheer Joker-like insanity of it all.

[via Elite HTS]

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