Watch movies all day and get paid for it – Netflix has the dream job for film buffs

The streaming service is looking for British "taggers" to categorise films and TV shows
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Netflix has the perfect job for film buffs: watch movies for money.

The streaming video service is recruiting its first British tagger – a job position that involves watching films and TV shows and filling out an in-depth survey on the plot, character beats, themes and visuals.

It's all in aid of classifying Netflix's exhaustive library of content – those tags are the reason it's able to present you with 20th Century Period Pieces Based on a Book with a Strong Female Lead.

You'll need a "background and/or degree in film & TV a strong knowledge of film and TV as well as an analytical mind," according to Netflix. And you can expect those analytical skills to be put to the test, too; as part of the recruitment process you'll be shown several seemingly-unconnected films and asked to work out what links them.

"Films such as Snatch, Shutter Island, Saving Private Ryan and Exit Through the Gift Shop – which is a documentary about the British street artist, Banksy," says Todd Yellin, Netflix's VP of Product Innovation. "You could come up with your own answer that makes sense, but the answer that we're looking for is that they're all visually-striking films."

But why is Netflix looking for a British (or Irish) tagger in particular? It's all to do with cultural nuances. Netflix wants to make sure that when it's serving up shows, it's using the right terminology. As Yellin points out, 'witty' means something different to a British user than to an American user; Americans prefer active comedy, Brits prefer dialogue-based wit (because of our heritage of Shakespeare and Wilde, says Yellin. Flattery will get you everywhere).

So, if you reckon you can pore over movies and pick them apart, head on over to Netflix's jobs site to apply.

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