Wanted: Director of Robotics. No human emotion necessary

Looking for a new job? Tired of trying to feign a sense of humour and trying to compute the concept of 'love'? Then PC World is calling.The nation's f

The nation's favourite computing megaretailer is looking a Director of Robotics, who will - according to a PC World spokesman - "be responsible for taking steps towards making the ‘Jetsons’ home a reality for households across the UK." PC World apparently saw a big rise in robosales over Christmas, despite the range being somewhat limited: a visit to the PC World website shows the range stretching all the way from WoWee's Robosapien to, erm, Wowee's shameful Simpsons cash in Homersapien (my 'worst gadget ever' on this episode of the vidcast). But the retailer - owned by DSG, home to Dixons, Currys and Pixmania - has big plans to sell us each our own robobutler in the near future, followed, no doubt, by the establishment of a Westworld-style robot theme park. And then, once the robots have taken control of the planet, it's just a short jump into retailing human pets.

If you want to be part of that revolution - and let's face it, who doesn't? - then step up and apply for the Director of Robotics job. You will need to have expertise in the research and development of new technologies, but  "the company is open to accepting candidates from both the UK and around the globe and is particularly interested in potential candidates from the robot capital of the world, Japan." Weirdly there's no mention of applicants from the planet Phobos, which seems rather short-sighted to me.

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