Want your pipes fixed or someone to look after the baby? Ask Amazon

The online retailer expands its offerings from just goods to soon include trades and services
Want your pipes fixed or someone to look after the baby? Ask Amazon

Thus far, anyone could get on Amazon’s website or use the Twitter hashtag #AmazonBasket to purchase books, electronics, digital music, clothing, outdoor equipment, or heck, even cars – but now the company wants to do even more for you.

And in trying to fulfil of your wants and needs, Amazon has declared that the company will soon add trades and services to its repertoire. You name it, Amazon wants to have it and be your one-stop shop for, well, everything.

We know your minds are reeling with all sorts of trades and services you can employ, but we’re sure it will only post up legal and legit jobs.

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Your one-stop shop

Want a home repair done or someone to look after your baby? Ask Amazon

You can expect handymen services, babysitting, painting, massages, haircuts, home repair and others – the list goes on. The online mega-retailer is also reportedly experimenting with bundling some of the goods it's offering with related services to sweeten the deal.  

Apparently Amazon will mirror the approach it took with grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh by testing demand and logistics with one market first before extending it. Interestingly, this move will likely not only widen Amazon’s own scope but also that of its competitors, including the likes of Angie’s List and Craigslist.

For now, its plans are only limited to the US, and expected to go into motion later this year. But who knows – Amazon's outlook for services might soon extend across the Atlantic to Europe.

[Source: TechCrunch

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