Want a PS4? Better order early

Analyst believes there’ll be two or three times the number of Xbox Ones than PS4s come launch day
Want a PS4? Better order early

If you want a PlayStation 4 in your living room this Christmas, you may want to get your pre-order sorted ASAP – because if one analyst is correct, Sony is getting far fewer PS4s to suppliers than Microsoft is with Xbox Ones.

Colin Sebastian from Baird told investors that, in spite of its stumbles during E3, Microsoft’s console is “regaining some momentum” against the PS4. He believes the company may have between two and three times as many Xbox Ones on sale at launch in comparison to the PS4.

Sebastian also said that the price difference between the two consoles (the Xbox One will cost £430, the PS4 £350) won’t prove significant in the launch window because early adopters don’t care about paying more money for their “favourite” console.

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[Via GamesIndustry.biz]