Want to get your hands on Google Glass? You'll need to know a guy...

Google Glass Explorers can now dole out the smart specs to one lucky friend. Way to make people play favourites, Google
Google Glass

Desperate to get your hands on the Google Glass Explorer Edition? You'll need to butter up someone who already has the smart specs.

Google started sending out emails on Tuesday to existing owners of the prototype Android-enthused glasses, allowing them to pick a friend to join the Explorer Program.

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Google Glass Explorer Program invite

"We love sharing glass with our friends, because adventures through Glass are more fun with others," the email from Google read. "Here's your chance to invite one friend into the Glass Explorer Program."

Before you start scouring your friends list for the person who you think most likely to own Google Glass, you should know the email merely invites you to join the program. You will still need to part with US$1500 for the privilege of buying them, be at least 18, and live in the US – preferably near San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles so you can collect your new gadget.

Expensive, indeed, but you'll be part of a select few lucky enough to be using it – for a few months at least.

Of course, you could hold fire and wait for a more flattering third-party alternative like this one.

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