Wanadoo takes on Vonage

It's war, internet telephony war! What is it good for? Cheap phone calls, judging from the way Wanadoo has just completely undercut Vonage on price

Not content with luring us in with 2Mbps broadband for £18, Wanadoo's upping the ante by offering 6 months of free internet telephony.

New punters - existing ones are only likely to get the offer if they act belligerent - will get access to Wireless and Talk, which usually costs £4 a month.

The PC-independent service works with Wanadoo's Livebox, a Wi-Fi router that has an adapter slot for a standard home phone.

Wireless and Talk stacks up well for price against its main competitor, Vonage. Vonage charges £10 a month and 15p/minute for daytime calls to mobs - WAT, by comparison, bills you 10p/minute for daytime mobile chats. Calls to other WAT customers are free.

Wanadoo's hardware also looks far sexier than Vonage's drab Linksys box, though Vonage does have the big advantage of having a second phone socket.

More about Wireless and Talk at Wanadoo's site.